Residential Feng Shui Audit

The roots of Feng Shui extend back thousands of years, originating when ancient sages utilized the sun’s direction and a profound comprehension of the elements to advise on the placement of structures.

In contemporary times, while constructing homes with ideal orientations might not always be feasible, the wisdom passed down through generations has been adapted to suit today’s circumstances. This allows us to benefit from the insights of our ancestors.

Having practiced traditional Feng Shui for over 18 years, I’ve developed my own approach to Feng Shui audits, refined through years of experimentation. My modern Feng Shui audit methodology not only enhances energy flow within residences but also ensures discretion, leaving no visible traces of Feng Shui interventions. Through extensive experience with various techniques and tools, I’ve crafted an effective approach tailored to meet the needs of today’s clients.

Modern Feng Shui Audits starts from SGD$600

Beyond The Eyes Services

Within this category, I offer a range of services including Psychic Readings, Spirit Attachment Removal, Rituals, and Merits Generation.

Psychic Reading: Numerous open-minded clients have found success overcoming their challenges through my psychic readings and guidance. Advancements in career, job promotions, salary increases, enhanced studies, improved focus, and clarity of mind are just a few of the successful outcomes reported. Prior to engaging in the services, clients can contact me to submit their questions. Sessions can be conducted either face-to-face at the client’s residence or through virtual meetings for convenience.

Removal of Spirit Attachment: This service is offered on a case-by-case basis, with acceptance subject to consultation. A fee is charged for the consultation, separate from any ritual fees incurred.

Rituals: Various rituals are performed to address individual needs and desires, aiming to improve situations and outcomes. Clients are encouraged to reach out for further information and inquiries regarding specific rituals.

Merits Generation: I conduct merits generation rituals for both the living and the deceased. These rituals serve to benefit various aspects of life for the living, while also aiding departed souls in achieving a favourable rebirth.

If you require any additional services beyond those mentioned, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by sending a message to our WhatsApp number. We’re here to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

Psychic Reading / Consultation starts from SGD$250

Ritual starts from SGD$600

*Prices for services not listed are subject to individual cases.

WhatsApp Messaging to +65-80 333 508 to secure an appointment with me.