Every meaningful encounter requires certain conditions to bear fruit, akin to a seed needing soil, water, and the right environment to sprout and flourish into a tree. My journey with Feng Shui did not unfold suddenly; it was not a matter of waking up one day and suddenly finding myself intrigued by it. Instead, my introduction to metaphysical subjects began with my first encounter with a book on palm reading. Intrigued by its claims, I experimented by reading palms for my classmates during my primary school days at the age of 12. Surprisingly, my readings were remarkably accurate, drawing my classmates to seek simple readings from me. This initial foray sparked my curiosity in metaphysics, leading me to explore other practices such as astrology and tarot cards.

At 16, I first encountered Feng Shui, having only heard of its potential benefits. Delving into an online book on the subject, I was intrigued by its teachings. However, initial attempts to apply Traditional Feng Shui methods in my space and home didn’t yield expected results. Undeterred, I spent years attending classes, experimenting, and refining my approach. This journey led me to develop what I now call Modern Feng Shui by Jeredy Wee, a departure from traditional practices. Instead, I focus on utilizing natural energies like crystals to cultivate positive environments without relying on traditional items like dragons or lions. Through trial and error, I’ve tailored this approach to resonate with modern trends, offering a contemporary twist on ancient wisdom.

The question arises: what spurred my interest in Feng Shui and sustained my perseverance through setbacks?

Simply put, I encountered problems like anyone else and sought better solutions. Initially, I approached issues with a logical mindset, witnessing incremental improvements. It was during this process that I turned to Feng Shui as an additional avenue for enhancement. Seeing tangible improvements after applying Feng Shui principles motivated me to persist in my practice, enabling me to apply them to various life situations. Whether aiming for career advancement or fostering better relationships, I’d analyse the energy flow and strategically employ enhancers. These methods evolved through trial and error, culminating in my ability to confidently advise others on improving their living spaces today.

#1 Case: Cycle of restlessness and isolation

This tale of space improvement extends beyond mere visitations. Consider a case where a woman, feeling trapped in a cycle of restlessness and isolation, sought a change but struggled to break free. By chance, she crossed paths with me, seeking guidance. Through a video call, I offered suggestions, which she diligently implemented over the following weeks. Remarkably, these changes revitalized her. She began venturing outside, feeling invigorated, and embracing life once more. Delighted, she shared photos from her newfound outdoor excursions, symbolizing her renewed spirit.

Within just two months of applying the suggested adjustments, she made a significant decision—enrolling in university, a dream she had postponed for years. Choosing a course aligned with her passions, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth. In her gratitude, she humorously remarked on the unintended consequence: spending more money due to her newfound activities. However, her words were tinged with appreciation and sincerity. As she expressed her heartfelt thanks, I could only wish her the best in her academic pursuits and future endeavours.

#2 Case: Challenges that come with her age

Here’s another compelling story of an older woman who sought my help in securing a job and job stability, aware of the challenges that come with her age. After understanding her concerns, I recommended several adjustments to increase her chances of finding a good job with supportive bosses and securing her position. Despite being unemployed when she reached out to me, she was proactive in implementing changes from her home to her personal space.

A month later, she excitedly shared an update: upon waking one morning, she discovered a job posting perfectly aligned with her extensive experience in her email inbox. Without hesitation, she swiftly applied and was soon invited for an interview. During the interview, the unexpected presence of the boss led to an immediate decision to hire her on the spot, bypassing the need for a second interview. This surprising turn of events left her deeply grateful for the swift opportunity that came her way. Upon securing the job, she was granted the opportunity to choose her desk. Without delay, she captured a few photos and sought my advice. After explaining the options and suggesting the optimal position, she promptly selected the recommended seat and began implementing further suggestions. Six months into her new role, she reached out with a message that began with, “you are amazing.” Curious, I read on to learn that she had received a promotion and a salary increase, an unprecedented achievement in her career. She marvelled at the outcome, acknowledging that such rapid advancement was rare, especially for new employees. Reflecting on this experience, I felt grateful for my journey with Feng Shui, reaffirming my commitment to its practice and my desire to assist those in genuine need.


Positive feedback abounds for those who earnestly seek assistance and implement suggestions diligently. Personally, I adhere to the principle of applying practices to myself first, ensuring first-hand experience before confidently sharing them with others. Feng Shui, in essence, isn’t about superstition, but rather aligning ourselves with natural energies to generate a positive impact. When advising clients, I make it clear that while I cannot guarantee lottery wins, I wholeheartedly commit to providing suggestions aimed at enhancing their circumstances to the best of my ability.

If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to me with your inquiries via WhatsApp at +65-80333508. Please remember to send a message, as I do not answer calls without prior appointment.