Despite our extensive knowledge and years of practice in Feng Shui, many Feng Shui masters, including myself, often aren’t living in opulent mansions and cruising in luxury vehicles. This question may have crossed your mind if you’ve ever delved into the topic and stumbled upon this article. Allow me to shed some light on why, despite possessing profound expertise in Feng Shui, I’m not as wealthy as figures like Mark Zuckerberg.

Rest assured, you’re not alone in grappling with this question. In my interactions, whether during formal consultations or casual coffee chats with close friends, similar inquiries often arise. Given our understanding of auspicious locations and our purported ability to harness them for enhanced prosperity, it’s natural to wonder why financial success eludes us.

Feng Shui, with its roots stretching back centuries—perhaps even millennia—was not christened as such when ancient Egyptians practiced it to optimize residential and burial sites. Their meticulous attention to orientation, believing even slight deviations could alter outcomes, is evident in the construction of structures like the pyramids, meticulously aligned to ensure a prosperous afterlife for royals. Their belief in unseen realms and energies underscores the timeless nature of Feng Shui principles.

Yet, despite our grasp of energy dynamics and our skill in spatial optimization, why does wealth seem to favor others like Zuckerberg over us? Within the realm of metaphysics, particularly concerning wealth, three key facets come into play: Heavenly Luck, Earth Luck, and Human Luck. While these principles extend to various life domains—such as career, relationships, and health—we’ll focus on wealth for clarity.

Heavenly Luck

Before delving into Heavenly Luck, it’s essential to embrace the concept of reincarnation, as it forms the foundation for understanding this aspect deeply. Reincarnation suggests that our past lives influence our current one, and our present actions shape our future incarnations.

Heavenly Luck pertains to the circumstances we inherit at birth, shaped by our past lives and the karmic consequences of our actions. Karma, the driving force behind these conditions, dictates our encounters, situations, and opportunities. For instance, an individual born into poverty may possess a wealth of love and resilience, tasked with uplifting their family’s fortunes. Conversely, someone born into affluence might find themselves neglected and lacking emotional fulfillment. This illustrates that wealth or poverty at birth doesn’t necessarily correlate with good or bad karma; rather, it’s the experiences we navigate throughout our lives that define our karmic path.

In the context of Heavenly Luck, opportunities manifest differently for individuals. Two people with distinct Heavenly Luck may encounter the same opportunity, yet one effortlessly seals the deal while the other faces obstacles before achieving success. Furthermore, some may not even have the Heavenly Luck to be presented with such opportunities in the first place. Thus, Heavenly Luck influences how opportunities unfold and the ease with which we navigate them.

Earth Luck

Earth Luck encompasses the resources available to us in this lifetime, and Feng Shui stands as one tool among many to enhance this luck. Other practices include rituals, readings, and various metaphysical methods.

So, can Feng Shui aid those lacking in Heavenly Luck? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because aligning Feng Shui can serve as a catalyst for amplifying opportunities. For instance, individuals with low Heavenly Luck may find themselves in need of a push to encounter opportunities. By harmonizing Feng Shui within their living or working spaces, they may notice an increase in such opportunities presenting themselves. Similarly, for those who possess the Heavenly Luck to encounter opportunities but struggle to capitalize on them, Feng Shui adjustments can improve their ability to present themselves effectively and close deals. Moreover, even for those already adept at seizing opportunities and closing deals, Feng Shui enhancements can pave the way for larger and more significant opportunities to emerge.

In essence, Feng Shui has the potential to elevate one’s current circumstances by optimizing the energy flow within their environment. However, it’s important to note that while Feng Shui can augment Earth Luck, it’s not a panacea for all challenges, and other factors such as personal effort and external circumstances also play crucial roles in shaping one’s destiny.

Human Luck

Human Luck pertains to personal choices and actions, which ultimately determine the trajectory of our lives. It’s a simple concept: if one chooses to remain idle at home every day, then the outcome will likely be stagnant or devoid of improvement. Conversely, if one ventures outside in search of opportunities, the likelihood of encountering favorable outcomes increases. While this logic seems straightforward, many fail to act upon it.

I once counselled an individual seeking advice, offering constructive suggestions to improve their situation. However, when they returned weeks later with no progress to report, I inquired whether they had implemented my recommendations. Their response was a litany of reasons why they hadn’t followed through. This exemplifies Human Luck in action—the individual possessed the Heavenly Luck to receive guidance and suggestions, yet their own choices hindered any meaningful progress. In many instances, I’ve encountered individuals lacking in Human Luck more so than in the other two aspects. Despite fortunate encounters and opportunities, their decisions ultimately shape their circumstances.

Thus, making sound choices is pivotal in maximizing the potential of all three key aspects of life.


In conclusion, the exploration into the question “Why Aren’t All Feng Shui Masters Rich and Wealthy?” reveals the intricate interplay of metaphysical factors influencing financial success. Through dissecting Heavenly Luck, Earth Luck, and Human Luck, it becomes evident that while Feng Shui mastery can enhance Earth Luck and provide opportunities, true prosperity hinges on personal choices and actions.

Heavenly Luck, shaped by past lives and karma, sets the foundation for one’s circumstances in this lifetime. Earth Luck, encompassing the resources available, can be augmented through Feng Shui practices. However, the critical determinant of success lies in Human Luck—the choices individuals make and the actions they take.

Anecdotes underscore the importance of proactive decision-making, illustrating how even individuals with favorable Heavenly and Earth Luck can falter in achieving wealth due to poor choices. Conversely, those with lesser initial advantages can thrive through proactive actions and wise decisions.

Hence, while expertise in Feng Shui may offer tools to enhance Earth Luck, ultimate prosperity demands conscious decision-making and decisive action. “Why Aren’t All Feng Shui Masters Rich and Wealthy?” prompts reflection on the multifaceted nature of wealth attainment, emphasizing the necessity of aligning personal choices with metaphysical principles to unlock true prosperity.