Residential Feng Shui Audit

The roots of Feng Shui extend back thousands of years, originating when ancient sages utilized the sun’s direction and a profound comprehension of the elements to advise on the placement of structures.

In contemporary times, while constructing homes with ideal orientations might not always be feasible, the wisdom passed down through generations has been adapted to suit today’s circumstances. This allows us to benefit from the insights of our ancestors.

Having practiced traditional Feng Shui for over 18 years, I’ve developed my own approach to Feng Shui audits, refined through years of experimentation. My modern Feng Shui audit methodology not only enhances energy flow within residences but also ensures discretion, leaving no visible traces of Feng Shui interventions. Through extensive experience with various techniques and tools, I’ve crafted an effective approach tailored to meet the needs of today’s clients.

What You Can Expect?

We Provide:

      • On site feng shui audit
      • Two visits – audit and inspection visit
      • No hidden cost
      • No traditional feng shui ornament


Our remedies provide rapid relief, taking effect almost instantly. You won’t endure lengthy waits of months or years to witness improvement. Additionally, our solutions maintain the natural appearance of your house without leaving any discernible traces.



Before embarking on renovations for your new house or office, it’s wise to assess and audit the feng shui. This ensures that all energies will be properly balanced once you move in.



      • Wealth – Struggling with finances, experiencing a decline in wealth, and finding it difficult to manage basic expenses. Unemployed and feeling directionless in career pursuits.
      • Relationship – Regular conflicts with spouse or engaging in extramarital affairs. Intense disagreements among family members. Individuals who are single and haven’t yet connected with their life partner.
      • Health – Frequently falling ill or experiencing slow recovery from sickness. Suffering from frequent minor injuries. Facing major accidents resulting in serious injury or death.
      • Education – Struggling with a slow learning pace, diminishing interest, and difficulty coping with studies, ultimately leading to exam failure.
      • Fertility – Married couples facing challenges in conceiving, particularly when the female partner is under the age of 36.
      • Behaviour – Prone to mood swings, stubbornness, laziness, hyperactivity, argumentativeness, self-doubt, or aggression.

Service Fees

Modern Feng Shui


2-room – SGD$600

3-room – SGD$700

4-room – SGD$800

5-room – SGD$900

Executive Flat – SGD$1,000

3 Gen Flat – SGD$1,100

*Repeated Customer: SGD$200 OFF

**Kindly be aware that in order to qualify as a ‘repeat customer’, your feng shui audit by Jeredy Wee must not exceed a period of two years.


1 Bedroom: $1,100

2 Bedroom: $1,500

3 Bedroom: $1,900

4 Bedroom: $2,300

5 Bedroom: $2,700

*Repeated Customer: SGD$300 OFF

**Kindly be aware that in order to qualify as a ‘repeat customer’, your feng shui audit by Jeredy Wee must not exceed a period of two years.


2 Bedroom: $1,500

3 Bedroom: $2,100

4 Bedroom: $2,700

5 Bedroom: $3,300

*Repeated Customer: SGD$400 OFF

**Kindly be aware that in order to qualify as a ‘repeat customer’, your feng shui audit by Jeredy Wee must not exceed a period of two years.

New House Selection

Choosing a space where we can foster personal and professional growth is crucial. The goal is to create a space with stable and positive energy that promotes a positive lifestyle. Hence, this service is crafted for individuals in search of a new residence, aiming to evaluate the energy of their surroundings and ensure they select a suitable place for living.

What’s Included?

You get a total of 3 visits to up to 3 different locations. Jeredy will assess the external environment and, if permitted, the internal space to provide conclusive results.

What Can You Do?

Choose up to 3 different locations that meet your expectations and schedule appointments for Jeredy to visit and assess each place. These visits can be on the same day or spread across up to 3 different days, depending on your arrangement and Jeredy’s availability.

Some client may choose to have Jeredy visit the same location but at different times, this will count as 2 visits. Consequently, they will have only 1 visit remaining.

Service Fee: SGD$1,800

WhatsApp Messaging to +65-80 333 508 to secure an appointment with me.