Lately, I found myself immersed in a semi-AFK game, delving into the realm of gaming despite not being a seasoned player. Initially, the experience was smooth sailing—I effortlessly navigated through numerous stages, and levelling up seemed like a breeze. Despite minimal investment compared to the heavy spenders dominating the top ranks, I consistently held a respectable position around 50 out of a few hundred players.

As I progressed through the game, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between its dynamics and the journey of life. These reflections led me to glean valuable insights on how to approach life more effectively, drawing from the strategies and lessons learned in gaming.

The Illusion of Ease: Navigating the Early Stages

The majority of us are fortunate to have loving parents who have worked tirelessly to provide for us. Similarly, game developers often design the beginning stages of their games to offer players a head start for smooth progression. However, this initial ease can lead many to overlook the importance of learning how to navigate the game effectively. Consequently, when faced with challenges later on, some players become stuck at certain levels and may even consider quitting altogether due to the difficulty of advancement.

In real life, we often receive abundant love and care, shielding us from many hardships. Yet, when confronted with the true tests of life—where we must navigate and experience its complexities independently—we encounter obstacles that may leave us feeling trapped, unable to progress to the next stage. This can sometimes result in decisions that seem to lead us in circles, without truly advancing in our journey.

Unlocking Assistance: The Power of Asking for Help

I found myself stuck at a level in the game for days, reluctant to seek guidance from others. I held onto the belief that with a bit more time, I could progress and overcome the challenge on my own. However, despite my efforts, I remained stagnant. It wasn’t until I reached out to a fellow guild member and asked for their advice that I began to make real progress. Their willingness to share tips and tricks enabled me to navigate the level successfully. This experience taught me the importance of asking for help, even when the answer may not be what I expected or directly beneficial to my character in the game.

Similarly, in life, when we encounter obstacles or feel stuck at a certain stage, it’s crucial not to hesitate in seeking guidance. There’s no shame in reaching out to those who have traversed different paths but possess invaluable life experiences to offer. Humans are inherently wired for communication and connection, and most individuals are willing to lend a helping hand when asked. It’s in our nature to support one another and wish for the best in each other’s lives. Therefore, the key to overcoming our challenges lies in our willingness to seek guidance and assistance from others.

Deferred Action, Amplified Rewards

In gaming, the desire to swiftly enhance our strength often leads us to immediately upgrade our gear when the opportunity arises. Yet, I’ve observed a strategic approach among those who play frugally: they opt to accumulate upgrade items until special events, maximizing their benefits with extra rewards and further bolstering their progression.

Similarly, in life, as working adults, we face decisions on how to manage our finances. While some may indulge upon receiving their salary, leaving little by month’s end, a prudent alternative is to prioritize saving. This fiscal discipline affords us the opportunity to enjoy greater experiences, whether it’s investing in a home, renovating for a fresh ambiance, or embarking on adventures to distant lands. Our present choices shape the quality of our tomorrows, underscoring the significance of mindful decision-making. Ultimately, the power to determine our future lies within our hands.


In reflecting on these parallels between gaming and life, it becomes evident that each individual’s journey unfolds uniquely. Factors such as our family background and upbringing shape our starting point, yet regardless of our circumstances, the path forward requires foresight and determination. While indulging in life’s pleasures is essential for our well-being, it’s imperative to balance these indulgences with a focus on long-term goals.

As the adage goes, “Investing in the future will never be wrong.” This encapsulates the ethos of strategic decision-making and disciplined action, ensuring that we continually progress towards our aspirations. By embracing this mindset, we empower ourselves to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and purpose, ultimately realizing the full potential of our journey.