WordPress Development Packages

Each project holds its unique value, and opting for cheaper options often entails hidden costs. Hence, I transparently outline my pricing structure based on prevailing demands, fostering trust with my clients. If you seek a dependable WordPress developer at competitive rates, I am the ideal choice.

The Basic

WordPress Hosting

  • 1-Year WordPress Hosting in Singapore
    (Reputable Company in Singapore)
  • Daily Backup (14 Copies)
  • FreeSSL

WordPress Development

  • Premium Theme
  • Development of up to 5 Webpages
  • Content Uploading (Text and Images)
    • Up to 3000 words and 30 images
  • Basic Security and Protection Plugins
  • Basic Optimization for Web Loading Speed

Additional Inclusions

  • Up to 2 Review Sessions
  • 1-Hour Virtual Training Session
  • 30-Days Hassle-Free Technical Support

Service Fee: SGD$2,200

To begin or inquire about a customized development package, feel free to reach out via WhatsApp message at +65-80333508 or email us at SayHello@JeredyWee.com.


What are the advantages of utilizing WordPress?

With WordPress fueling approximately 43% of all websites, it’s widely recognized as one of the top content management systems (CMS) available today. Numerous renowned and extensive websites rely on this platform, and the majority of web hosting companies provide tailored plans for WordPress.

Should I enlist the services of a web development agency or a freelancer such as Jeredy?

When considering engaging any type of services, several factors come into play.

An agency offers the advantage of having more resources and isn’t restricted by individual capabilities when it comes to completing tasks. However, due to their diverse talent pool, their fees tend to be higher, and subscribing to services may not always align perfectly with your specific requirements.

On the other hand, freelancers like Jeredy bring a wealth of experience, with over 10 years of WordPress development expertise and a track record of working with various clients, ranging from small businesses to medium-sized organizations. With Jeredy’s seasoned background, he can effectively tailor solutions to fit within your budget and meet your needs. Furthermore, Jeredy provides 30 days of technical support post-handover to ensure clients are supported during the transition. Additionally, he offers extended technical support if needed by the company.

Each option has its own set of benefits. It’s advisable to outline your requirements and conduct inquiries to find the most suitable candidate for your project.

Am I able to customise the layout of the Premium theme included in the Basic package?

Certainly, you’re welcome to make minor customizations to the layout to better suit your ideal website.